Land Surveying

Land Title Investigations, Subdivision Surveys, Lease Area Surveys

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Project Management

Site Feasibility Studies, Subdivision Design, Land Development Consulting

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Strata Surveying

Draft Strata Plans, Area Surveys, Stratum Plans, Strata Plan of Subdivisions

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Welcome to Pinnacle Land Surveyors

 Land Surveying Across The Greater Sydney Area

Pinnacle Land Surveyors offer a wide range of quality professional land surveying services to Home Owners, Developers, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers and Construction Professionals in the North Shore and greater Sydney area.

We regularly undertake identification surveys, detail and level/topographical surveys, PCA surveys, lease area surveys, strata surveys, subdivisions, easement creation, redefinition plans, works as executed surveys, slab checks, building checks, height checks, monitoring surveys and construction surveys. We also specialise in Project Management and offer Town Planning services.

We have extensive experience in all types of work from small, residential surveys to complex, large scale commercial projects and we specialise in small to medium residential subdivision projects (2-60 lots).

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